Privacy Policy

Faith Co. Ltd. recognizes the importance of protecting personal information. In order to do so, we are taking the following precautions to keep your personal information safe.

1. Definition of Private Information

Private information is defined as the privacy laws.

2. Gathering and Using Private Information

Private information will be gathered in a legal and legitimate way. It will be used only for things such as responding to inquiries and service details appropriately.

3. Sharing Private Information

In times when private information is shared with a third-party member in order to make business run smoothly, a company that has a high standard of protecting private information is selected, and appropriate actions will be taken to protect the private information by taking precautions such as having contracts to uphold the standards of security.

4. Security Measures

Faith Co. Ltd. will: Keep the private information accurately and will manage it safely. Work diligently to keep private information secured in order to avoid loss of data, destruction, alterification, leak, etc.

5. Compliance with Laws

Faith Co. Ltd. abide by privacy laws and guidelines in order to achieve appropriate measures to secure private information.

6. Management of Private Information

Faith Co. Ltd. will be informing all parties involved(workers and associates alike) in order to handle the above statements with care and to continue improving the security.