International Business Promotion

Pioneering A New Hollizen Along With Exciting Asian Businesse Field. We Support and Promote Various International Businesses With WIN-WIN attitude.

- Sales Promotion of Attractive Japan Made Products Internationally -

We support the sales of our products and others.

We have many years of experience in the Chinese market and can support entering the Chinese market, arrange for joint ventures with well respected companies and organizations.

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- Chinese Business Promotion and Business Consulting -

The Chinese business scene view has dramatically changed from a major production base to the world's largest consumer market over the years.

Here in Faith, we examine the needs of chinese businesses, Japanese autonomies, Chinese government in different areas to expand the economic exchange between Japan and China.

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- Localization Support for Public Relations Tools -

Now that global business activities is common, businesses and public organizations are faced with the need to make PR tools multi lingual and broadcast it.

Our company will support the localization of PR tools with the experience gained by years of experience in vieos, tanslating, and subtitling.

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