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Our subtitling specialists will provide total solution
for your subtitling needs.

- Sales of the subtitling software "Babel" -

Babel has been used by professional subtitlers, video creation companies, and post production companies. It is starting to become implemented in specialized schools and colleges putting an emphasis in foreign languages as well.

Please contact us if multiple softwares are desired. We are providing packages such as school plan for schools, and academic plan for teachers and students.

We are taking notes of feedback of customers and are working to make "Babel" a software that is easier to use everyday.

Make subtitles with ease. Subtitling software "Babel" Special Site

- Subtitling -

Our company is creating subtitles for services such as terrestrial TV, satellite TV, and web based videos.

We continue to provide the optimum subtitles by working together with our in-house development professionals. For live subtitling, we have multiple solutions developed ourselves for providing service at any time.

Please feel free to contact us for any type of subtitling needs, such as closed caption and open caption for your videos.